What would you buy for £15?

Thousands of people across the country raise this amount regularly through a wee box that sits on a shop counter. You’ve probably seen one and forgotten about it seconds later, but these boxes really can change a person’s life.

What would we buy with £15? Well did you know that just £15 can buy three kits that help our Speech & Language Therapists assess the level of communication of a person who has no verbal communication? This work has opened up new worlds of communication to many students at our schools, even enabling one child to say ‘I love you’ to his mum for the very first time.

We have over 3000 Capability Scotland charity boxes dotted across the country. You can find them in shops, pubs, chippies and take aways. But without our dedicated team of Collection Box Volunteers we wouldn’t be able to reach all of our boxes and collect the money generously donated by all our wonderful supporters.

Fiona is one of our most active Collection Box Volunteers and she looks after our boxes in Hawick. Here she tells us why she really enjoys the role and what it involves.

How many boxes do you look after?

I have between 20 and 30 boxes that I look after mostly along the high street here. When a new shop opens I always pop in and see if they’re happy to take a box – they normally are!

What does your role entail?

When I have the time I pop into the shops where we have collection boxes and collect the money. It normally takes a couple of hours each week and I enjoy a chat with the shop owners. I count up the money raised and complete the paperwork to ensure that each shop gets a certificate to recognise the money they raised.

What do you enjoy about being a Collection Box Volunteer?

Making money for the charity is the most important thing for me – even if it’s just two pence it’s great. It’s good because I know the money is going to a worthwhile cause and I make sure the shop owners know how their money helps disabled people in Scotland.

We need more Collection Box Volunteers like Fiona to look after our boxes across Scotland. Can you adopt a box that has the power to help unlock a person’s communication potential? Contact Julie Spence if you would like to adopt a box in your local area, she would love to hear from you!